Consult Manager™ For Hospitals, Clinics and their Staff

Never pick up the phone to order a consult again! In many facilities, the process of dispatching orders for doctor consultations forces nurses or other staff to make one (or more) phone calls per order.

Although this may sound trivial, it often involves lengthy hold times, callbacks, and other delays. Tracking, escalation, and reporting of consult orders is usually difficult or impossible. Missed or delayed consults increase length of patient stays, increasing operating cost significantly.

Answer Excellence’s Consult ManagerTM solves all of those problems. Enter-and-forget convenience is only one of the benefits. In addition to dispatching the orders, we can track them to ensure that they were received by the doctor and that the patient was visited. Escalation protocols help remind consulting doctors of overdue orders and keep service levels high. A detailed audit history documenting the “who, what, when” for each order supports research and quality control.
Answer Excellence Team Members
Secure mobile communiction provides doctors with a convenient and HIPAA-compliant method of communication. Hospital staff can see the status of all orders on their patients by unit, and use this information in real-time to coordinate care with doctors.

With 20 years of experience, a staff that knows your environment, and a track record of satisfied consult customers, Answer Excellence is eager to work for you to realize substantial cost savings. This case study of a large hospital network using Consult ManagerTM illustrates these points and provides specific dollar figures.

Contact us and free your staff to focus on patient care, while we handle the consult orders.

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Special thanks from our customers

"Working with Answer Excellence has really improved the consult process. It's much more efficient and a real time saver."
- C. J., nurse manager
"The consult process is much easier. I just enter in the computer, don't have to call the physician and wait for a return call. It saves a lot of time and reduces the chance of error."
- Gloria, hospital unit secretary
"My consults are more timely, which makes my life a lot easier."
- Dr. T