Emergency Preparations

Since you’re reading this page, being prepared for a disaster is probably as important to you as it is to us. Our facilities are prepared to weather even exceptional conditions. In addition, we offer an enhanced service that allows your account to be handled from multiple locations in other parts of the country.

Our on-site preparations include:

  • Elevated non-flooding site
  • Backup generator and full-time UPS
  • Spare equipment
  • Redundant phone and internet service
  • On-site shower and kitchen


For the ultimate in reliability, our Emergency Business Continuity Plan provides the assurance of having multiple locations that are able to handle your account. In the unlikely event that our facilities are inoperative, answering service will continue uninterrupted. It’s another way of helping give you peace of mind.

Contact Us to let our quality work for you, giving you peace of mind daily.

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Special thanks from our customers

"Answer Excellence answers our toll-free number 24x7. They make managing our business so much easier by taking orders on our website, handling inquiries, delivering messages, etc. We never worry about missing a call or order."
- Frank D., game designer and manufacturer
"Answer Excellence was the only company we could find who was able to provide the service that we require [fuel alarm monitoring]. We have been very pleased..."
- David C., manager
"I'm very glad I signed up with you... a real time saver and my callers appreciate always speaking to a live operator."
- Spencer G., electronic component distributor