Communications for Hospitals & Clinics

Lower your costs by streamlining your communications processes. With 25 years of experience and a staff that knows your needs and environment, Answer Excellence proudly offers services that combine the strengths of live operators at our call centers with the efficiency of electronic communication.

Services relevant to hospitals and clinics include:


Hospitals and clinics are embracing information technology and are realizing the benefits that other industries have seen. This includes a shift away from telephones to the use of computers and mobile devices as the basis for communication. Implemented properly, this makes communication more efficient, less expensive, and more reliable.

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Special thanks from our customers

"Working with Answer Excellence has really improved the consult process. It's much more efficient and a real time saver."
- C. J., nurse manager
"The consult process is much easier. I just enter in the computer, don't have to call the physician and wait for a return call. It saves a lot of time and reduces the chance of error."
- Gloria, hospital unit secretary
"My consults are more timely, which makes my life a lot easier."
- Dr. T