A Medical Call Center for Tampa, Orlando, St Petersburg, Clearwater, and All Other Major Metropolitan Areas

A medical call center shouldn’t hinder the efficiency of your hospital, clinic, or doctor’s office, but rather enhance it. Here at Answer Excellence, we were founded on that very principle. Our President and founder, Tamara Barendregt, experienced firsthand the burden that a faulty or inefficient call center can have on the medical industry. When Tamara began her career as a registered nurse, she quickly noticed a major issue that continuously hindered her day-to-day work – the mistakes of the medical answering service. Communication in the medical industry has to be executed with pinpoint accuracy, and when there is a break down, even the tiniest wrinkle, the health of a patient could very well be at stake.medical call center


With an unwavering desire to change the face of medical answering services, Tamara founded Answer Excellence in 1986. Since then, hospitals, physicians, hospitalists, and clinics across Florida have relied on our services to handle their call screening, referral services, on-call scheduling, confirmation calls, doctor consultation order dispatching, and more.


Our medical call center is staffed by HIPAA-trained and compliant professionals who understand the urgency inherent in this vital profession. We utilize a rigorous quality-control system in which we review, grade, and critique the calls our professionals take on a weekly basis. This ensures our team members are constantly delivering on our promise of excellence – by showing patients the genuine concern they appreciate and providing doctors with the accuracy and precision they expect.

Also, for doctor consults, we offer our Ensured Messaging system. Our Ensued Messaging system accelerates response time, increases efficiencies, and mitigates the doctor’s risk by delivering documentation that the message was received after the consult completed. This is a win-win for both the doctor and the hospital, as relayed confirmation from the doctor to the patient and hospital reassures all parties involved that help is on the way.

To learn more about our medical call center outsourcing services, please call or e-mail us today. We happily serve Tampa, St Petersburg, Lakeland, Orlando, and many other cities throughout Florida and across the nation.

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Special thanks from our customers

"Answer Excellence answers our toll-free number 24x7. They make managing our business so much easier by taking orders on our website, handling inquiries, delivering messages, etc. We never worry about missing a call or order."
- Frank D., game designer and manufacturer
"Answer Excellence was the only company we could find who was able to provide the service that we require [fuel alarm monitoring]. We have been very pleased..."
- David C., manager
"I'm very glad I signed up with you... a real time saver and my callers appreciate always speaking to a live operator."
- Spencer G., electronic component distributor