Systems Integration

Gears Working TogetherOne of the prime benefits of computerized systems is that they can be integrated, so that information flows smoothly from one system to another. With proper integration, delays are minimized, re-keying or copy/paste operations are obsoleted, and opportunities for error are eliminated. It’s the key to efficiency and speed. We can “connect the pieces” for your benefit.

Answer Excellence has the technical resources and software capabilities to take advantage of the connectivity that the internet offers. A mix of commercial applications and proprietary software allows us to exchange data easily with your systems. Some examples illustrate how this benefits our clients and improves our efficiency as well.

The easiest form of integration available is via World Wide Web (WWW) services. Our operators can enter information and orders directly into your web-based system, or look up information for customer service functions. On-line calendars for appointment scheduling are shared between your staff and our operators. Leads can be entered directly into your web-based Customer Relations Management (CRM) application. This level of integration is very easy to achieve and confers many advantages.

Another type of integration is based on one-way communication of automated messages from one system to another. An example of this is a client who provides service for retail gasoline pumps. Their equipment monitors itself continuously and sends alarm information as e-mail messages. Answer Excellence automatically monitors the e-mail account and dispatches service technicians when alarms occur. E-mail monitoring and dispatching has proven to be very reliable and straightforward.

The highest level of integration is achieved when applications communicate directly with each other, allowing for more sophisticated functionality than either system alone can provide. An example of this is our Consult ManagerTM service, which integrates with hospital information systems to relay orders for doctor consultations. Use of encryption, including Virtual Private Network (VPN) and TLS/SSL secure web technologies, allows the secure and reliable exchange of confidential information over the internet.

Our in-house software engineering team is able to implement a wide range of protocols and technologies to help satisfy your needs and ease your pain.

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