When you operate a business, you understand that sometimes there’s no such thing as “closing time.” Even when your operating hours end, you’re always in demand. This is why our 24 hr answering service is a perfect fit for plumbers, HVAC companies, electricians, elevator service companies, and other businesses that simply cannot afford to miss a call. We’re friendly, accurate, and unlike a receptionist that steps out for lunch, we always answer. Whether you’re looking for an automated answering service, live answering service, or a combination of the two, Answer Excellence can help streamline your business processes no matter when your call traffic peaks, be it 3:00 p.m. or 3:00 a.m.24 HR Answering Service
If you think there’s no such thing as an employee who functions at an optimal level 24 hours a day, without the assistance of coffee, meet our remote receptionist. With this service in place, an operator can answer all your calls exactly to your liking – sounding just like somebody in your office – anytime of day. After greeting a caller, your remote receptionist can transfer the call to a member of your staff, take a message, or transfer the call to your voice mailbox. After the caller leaves a voicemail, a transcript of the message can be sent to you via e-mail.
You’ll never have to worry about your remote receptionist taking vacation days, calling in sick, or venturing away from the phone. Our remote receptionist answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will always be courteous, and will record all necessary information.
Let’s be real: at Answer Excellence, we understand that your sanity depends on stemming the tide of calls, sorting out the truly urgent from the ones that require no action. We know sometimes all you want is a message, and that it isn’t necessary for your cell phone to light up at midnight for a general maintenance call that could wait until morning. That’s why we let you decide how to prioritize incoming calls. You can start with an initial voicemail greeting accompanied by a standard screening question that routes certain callers to a live operator. That means if we reach out to you at an odd hour it’s for a really good reason. We pride ourselves on tailoring each of our answering services to fit our customers’ needs exactly. You make the rules, and we follow them to a T.
The same goes for non-urgent, routine messages delivered. Some of our available options include:

  • Single and multiple e-mail
  • Single and multiple text
  • Fax
  • Immediate cell phone transfer

For more information about our 24 hr answering service options, please call or e-mail Answer Excellence today. We’re an answering service company that happily serves customers in Tampa, Clearwater, Orlando, St Petersburg, and many other surrounding Florida communities and nationwide.

“Answer Excellence listens and understands my scheduling needs-requests and has delivered to my liking. Patients are pleased with your service and have expressed so to me. Operators and Managers are personable, respectful, courteous, sensitive and responsive.”

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