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Answer Excellence has won the prestigious ATSI Award every year since 2004. In 2008’s competition, we achieved the highest score in North America (U.S. and Canada). Excellence requires a level of service that considers each client first in every aspect of our services. Excellence demands the best training, the best technology, and standards that are focused on customer satisfaction.

Every week, we randomly select calls from each operator to critique and grade. Feedback sessions with each operator, and corrective action if necessary, help every team member understand the expectations and how to achieve them. This is referred to as call control.

We combine extensive monitoring of hold time, predictive staffing of operators, and on-call reserve personnel to address the fluctuations in call volume. For example, holidays have a huge influence on call volume; we use historical data based on each holiday and the day of the week on which it falls to anticipate our call volume. This is tempered with a knowledge of upcoming customer activity (e.g., media campaigns).

Work flow is tailored to each client to meet the demands of your business. We optimize technology in our processes, and use it to support the work of our people – not as a substitute for people and service.

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We will ensure flawless service from our knowledgeable operators with frequent and thorough quality control evaluations.

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“They are very courteous to all our callers. The entire staff at Answer Excellence obviously follows very high standards of service. We have even had our patients and fellow doctors tell us how nice Answer Excellence’s staff is when they call.”

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