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An answering service for doctors relies heavily on two critical components: accuracy and timeliness. Here at Answer Excellence, we hold our medical answering services to the highest possible standards, as we understand that the stakes can’t be any higher than when you’re dealing with the well-being of patients. In fact, the roots of our founding lie in an intense desire to right the wrongs of previous medical answering services.
When our founder and current president, Tamara Barendregt, began her career as a registered nurse, she quickly noticed the troubling issues that resulted from day-to-day communication breakdowns with the medical answering company. Seizing on the opportunity to solve such a glaring problem, Tamara founded Answer Excellence with the goal of revolutionizing the way call centers interact with doctors, hospitals, hospitalists, and other areas of the medical field. With 25 years and hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied customers later, Answer Excellence has earned a sterling reputation as a leader in the medical answering service industry.answering service for doctors
More than 80 percent of our customers are in the medical industry, so we’re accustomed to dealing with professionals that demand nothing less than excellence. We have used our extensive experience with the medical field to develop innovative new technology to help streamline your communication needs. From our HIPAA-compliant Secure Messaging service to our answering services tailored specifically for physicians operating in the BayCare system, we’re sure to have the solutions you need to keep your medical facility running at maximum efficiency.
If you would like to learn more about our answering service for doctors, please call or e-mail Answer Excellence today. We proudly serve businesses in Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, St Petersburg, and all other major metropolitan areas in Florida and elsewhere throughout the nation.

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