Answering Services and Collaborative Technologies

Answering services companies are integral to stellar customer support. But it is their own digital evolution that is essential to the ability to support clients in a contemporary marketplace.

The stereotype of an answering service that accepts calls from a company’s main number and takes messages is no longer the robust service demanded by the modern business.

What’s New in Call Answering Companies?

  • Custom-designed coverage to route calls and messages anywhere, anytime to anyone
  • Operators who are trained in the nuances of the company’s culture
  • Collaborative technologies
  • Mobile applications created to outfit specific industries
  • Alarm and emergency services notifications
  • Ability to receive calls and send messages based on complex algorithms:

Time of day routing
Skills based routing
Lunch or holiday party coverage
Busy time coverage
Vacation support
Coverage for specific products or services requiring special handling

What’s Unique About Today’s Call Answering Companies?

They exist as an extension of their client’s business. With targeted scripts and focused training, any company can virtually (and therefore transparently!) expand its workforce. Smaller companies can receive the coverage they need so they don’t miss out on opportunities for growth; and larger companies can receive the coverage they need so they are able to handle the increased volume.

Wireless and Locationless Translates to Limitless

The benefits of employing a progressive call center ultimately allows personnel in sales, management and administrative positions to stay better connected to customers, vendor associates and one another…the true definition of collaboration.