A Simple Formula to Increase Sales

As an answering service company, we fulfill many roles for our clients, from answering calls to routing specialized requests to online order taking for their products. We therefore devote a significant amount of time to training our associates on how to be the most effective possible resources. We keep our sales team on track by educating them on the value of collaborating for success with tools gained from professional conversational and response training.


Traits of top sales performers:

Product Knowledge:  Customers gain trust from sales associates who are empowered by authoritative knowledge.   Confidence then becomes established.   Once a command of pertinent and beneficial information is professionally expressed, sales are more easily closed.

Enthusiasm:  Potential clients assess everything, including a salesperson’s attitude.  If enthusiasm is flat, the customer’s attention is deflated.  But, enthusiasm is infectious, and customers will typically align with your object of passion when they sense excitement from its attainment.

Practice Verbal Communication:  Nothing says uncertainty more than a speaker stumbling over words.  With practiced communication, everything said is expressed with confidence.  Belief is charged within the potential customer who hears assured words.  The doubtless listener can be converted into a customer!

Collaboration:  It is important for every sales team to be united and dedicated to company goals instead of divided and driven by personal accolades or commission.  Individual strengths should be recognized and utilized in an effort to support overall team performance.  All members must remember that the overall bottom line collectively gained is what keeps the corporation buzzing and enables employment.

Teammate Critiques:  Supportive feedback among team players can provide useful insight.  The team member who does a critical analysis of constructive feedback can improve performance.   Newly shared techniques or suggestions may have previously gone overlooked.  The heightening of overall team performance develops when each member unites in an unbiased effort for all to excel.

Accountability:  Every employee must hold accountability for both successes and failures.  Responsibility for one’s actions and subsequent outcome acts as an internal learning tool.  Honest introspection within accountability provides an avenue for clarity that leads to personal and professional growth for  greater effectiveness.

Goal Setting:  The sales person who has goals has direction and an end point for success.   Progress can be gauged by productivity milestones set toward reaching an established goal.  All milestones must be strategized for attainability and support of a progressive path toward goal optimization.

A proficient answering services staff conveys a level of expertise that encourages customer alliance and delivery of profit.