Attorney Call Centers

Get it Right the First Time

Smart phones fuel the velocity required to keep up with a world that spins faster every day. While being consistently accessible can border on intrusive, it goes with the territory for those in the medical, legal, and communications industries.

The real issue with technology in mission critical scenarios is the need to intelligently synchronize all these sleek messaging tools into one overall plan so as to connect the right resource with the right client at the right time.

Attorney call center solutions are an ideal example as they provide a virtual hub designed to support the structure upon which the law firm is based. For example:

  • A “round robin” design can be developed to deliver messages and client detail to each attorney on a pre-determined rotation schedule
  • Domestic and international time zones can be factored into multi-regional operations to alert the right people during their respective “regular business hours”
  • A skills-based routing program can be constructed so specific client issues can be appropriately steered to anyone from a junior associate to the DUI specialists to the managing partner of the law firm
  • Any combination of language specialties, areas of expertise, or geographic desirability can be developed into a profile so the caller speaks to the right person the first time

Technology can be a tremendous source of frustration (like when voice recognition software doesn’t understand you and directs you to the wrong department!); but a true master plan built around a legal call center service will effectively match the professional with the client.