Automated Answering Services

Answer the Phone! Your Competition is Just a Google Away!

Loyalty is earned. Every business owner knows that if you provide excellent service at reasonable prices and put your clients’ needs first, you have a pretty good shot at the coveted customer for life. And it is of course these core clients who become your sphere of influence: your advocates, the perfect referral-producing machine.

It all sounds pretty logical, but obviously the hardest part isn’t getting these clients to that stage in the lifecycle, but acquiring them in the first place.

Consumers search the Internet for everything from real estate to dog groomers to call center services. But if they need to reach out and connect with a representative of a company to perhaps discuss personal matters with a divorce attorney or to get more information about a new product line and they receive a busy signal or voicemail…they will most likely move on to the next resource.

That’s because a list of your competitors is probably endless; if you Google a search term like Tampa Attorneys for example, Google will return 1.3 million results.

Potential clients need instant gratification while potential providers of goods and services need to be accessible. It’s a 24×7 world. And loyalty doesn’t kick in until you have impressed the heck out of a client over a period of time.

So how do you differentiate yourself in a search engine optimized world? Answer the phone!