Contact Centers an Extension of your Business?

How hard can it be to answer the telephone? Just ask those who have had poor inexperienced services prior to finding the right provider.

I recently spoke with a woman who practices Medicine.  She expressed a fear of utilizing a telephone answering service or a call center. She heard nightmares about contact agents being rude or having little knowledge of products or services. She feared they would not have the right answers for her clients.

Over the years I have heard statements like this and more. Whether you practice Medicine, or have a product or service to offer consumers, the secret to a great telephone answering solution is training and education.

Professional contact centers know that in order to create a solid extension of your office the client must provide information and training for the answering service staff.  Executing a complex protocol is done effectively when all of the right components come together in a classroom setting.

Hiring and retaining professional, well-educated staff at the call center is another key component. After all they are the front line spokesperson that presents the first impression of your products, services, and your company as a branded image. If you want to outsource your help desk, are in need of professional messaging services, or need someone to take customer orders, here are a few things to look for in the selection process.

  • Look for a company that can provide more than cookie cutter solutions and are sincerely interested in meeting your company’s objectives.
  • Seek companies that are capable of designing electronic solutions and have integration capabilities.
  • Demand unwavering customer support.  Contact centers with experience know that partners do more than just follow protocol; they are consistently looking for ways to make your business run smoother and more profitably.
  • Treat your answering service partners as an extended family or office member. Stay in touch, supplying them with a steady stream of information regarding changes, growth, and marketing strategies.
  • A credible call center or telephone answering service will retain high-quality staff with minimal turnover.

As you consider these points in your selection process, we hope you’ll explore our award-winning service.