The Upside of Outsourcing

We’ve found that many businesses experience trepidation when they consider outsourcing aspects of their business. This may be particularly true when it comes to an automated answering service. The images of a call center filled with people who are unfamiliar with the nuances of your business can certainly be cause for concern.

A business call center doesn’t have to be a negative experience though. The “right off the bat benefit” is that when potential clients call a business they are seeking someone knowledgeable enough to answer any of their questions or at least take a good message.

The technological irony is that our culture has become somewhat exhausted with the benefits of automation. Anyone who has spent chunks of time pressing buttons only to be routed to a general mailbox greeting, or has dealt with the frustration of voice activated menus that transfer you to the wrong place will find a legitimate human voice at the end of their call a most welcome experience.

At Answer Excellence, every operator assigned to your account is trained in the aspects of your business to field the calls by responding accurately and professionally. By training our operators and testing them on their comprehension of your business we ensure that they feel genuinely connected and will know how to handle inquiries or issues.

You Write the Script

Instead of a simple script with yes and no answers, our clients write their own scripts and references for how to handle inbound callers. Equipped with frequently asked questions (including details like directions to your office for example), your virtual answering service integrates into your operation so potential clients feel they are literally in touch with your company.

You Get Every Message

Once the inbound caller has completed the call with the outsource agent, the full discussion can be sent to you however you choose to receive it. Whether you decide to have messages emailed, faxed, texted, or via methods based on specific circumstances, you will know everything that went on while you were unavailable. Our automated answering services support you to better support your business.