Customer Retention Idea: Tips for Effective Newsletters

As an answering service company in Clearwater we provide call answering services for attorneys and businesses of all sizes and specialties. It’s always interesting to see how different companies promote their business and keep potential clients in the pipeline.

In particular, our call center operators receive calls commenting on how much people have enjoyed some of our clients’ monthly newsletters. The most valuable thing about these newsletters is their ability to provide helpful information; not to simply serve as an advertisement.

As far as a newsletter’s frequency, that should probably be dictated by your client base and what they will tolerate! Inboxes today are brimming with information; you don’t want to spam your clients, but you also don’t want to contact them so infrequently they forget about you when they have a need for your service. For many companies, a monthly newsletter will do just fine.

Now the hard part…what should you write in the newsletter itself?

Mention awards your company has won. Every year that Answer Excellence has won The Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) Award we have wanted everyone to know about it! Not only do mentions of awards give your company credibility, it always feels good to share accomplishments with others.

Write about the state of the company. What’s new at the office? For example, we here at Answer Excellence might write about new clients we are supporting or mention the anniversaries of long standing employees.

Provide a helpful tip. An organization company could include time management tips, a home decorator could mention ways to use color in a room, or a nutritionist could write about how to practice good eating habits during the holidays.

Link to an article or a blog post. Anything in the news you think would interest your clients could go here. Include a comment about the story or blog post and maybe include the first sentence or two of the piece with a link directing them to the story.

Offer specials. You could include a free consultation or a percentage off goods and services.

Basically, best practices would dictate that you observe the rules of permission-based marketing, and you respect your clients’ time by providing useful detail about your area of expertise.