Call Answering Services – Keeping it Real

Text messaging has spurred an entirely new language; one where acronyms substitute for entire sentences and you can “laugh out loud!” while in transit.

There are tons of applications that get messages across; we use them ourselves. But no matter how sophisticated modern communication becomes, the one mainstay is manners. It’s the only thing that is “traditional” about our Clearwater answering services company.

We’ve actually merged the best of both worlds — customized call routing designed with technologically advanced software in association with the warmth and professionalism of an actual person.

We just don’t see telephone etiquette and the human touch really going out of style:

  • Have you ever gotten all the way to “Press 9 for all other questions” only to reach another sub-menu — only to be disconnected?
  • Have you ever called for more information and just keep getting voicemail?
  • Have you ever dialed a customer support number and felt like you were being rushed off the phone when you still had a few more questions?
  • Have you ever yelled “Representative!”  to a machine that apologized for not “recognizing your request”?


We’re in the business of keeping the human side of your business in operation. We’d hate your clients to be subjected to any of the above. We hate it when we’re the person who has to talk to a phone system that lacks empathy, genuine support, and intuition.

It may sound old-fashioned, but we like people.