Call Back Technology Enhances Customer Service

No customer likes to wait on hold.  Fortunately, with continuing advancements in the way call centers can operate, staying ahead of the technology curve is the first and best attention to customer service call centers can provide.

For example, music on hold quickly loses its charm. The length of time one is subjected to it is typically in direct proportion to that customer’s dissatisfaction.  Invariably, the repetitive pre-recorded message stating that “Your call is very important to us.” loses all semblance of sincerity.

Regardless of the level of software advancements answering services companies can provide, a decent alternative to support clients is to offer a robust Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) website page.

While a wide assortment of topics can be addressed from return policies to store locations, oftentimes clients’ questions necessitate more complex answers than those provided by a static web page. Many consumers prefer resolution by means of a conversation with a call center agent. It also provides the opportunity to ask follow-up questions that pertain to their unique issue or case.

One way call centers are leveraging current technologies is through virtual queuing. It allows the caller to select an option to be called back when an agent is available. The hold time doesn’t change, but being subjected to the music and the frustration of physically  being on hold is alleviated.

Call back capabilities have even more benefits than improved customer service:

  • Call centers eliminate phone lines from being tied up to allow business to flow more productively.
  • Consumer interaction with minimal inconvenience makes for ease in managing business concerns without first having to focus on calming the caller’s emotional frustrations.


Today’s buyers of products and services tend to have limited time and high expectations.
Having options from an array of technologies keeps businesses in step, increases client retention rates, and offers the provision of superior customer service.

Advancements like call back services impress potential clients with a company’s genuine desire to be accessible, while showing current clients that their call really is important. Impressive customer service goes a long way on social media platforms.