Contact Center Agents Merge Social Media Channels

Interplay between call center service professionals and social media is now a universal practice that is necessary to keep pace with the interconnectedness of an ever-widening consumer audience.  The customer service center that overlooks these culture norms can be headed for obsolescence.

Monitor Social Climate
Social media participation helps businesses keep in step with changes in consumer desires.  Comments, compliments, and complaints are all valuable information to determine new and emergent consumer norms and work toward structuring change to satisfy them.  The avenue to leverage your research and development is only a click away.

Progressive Customer Service Training
The quality of customer service is as good as the level of implemented training.  Call center agents must be properly trained in how to execute professional communication on social forums in order to represent company views and protocols.  Each corporate response stands as a professional reflection, making procedural training imperative for accurate representation.

The Magnitude of Electronic Networking
Electronic communication is sectored, but with wide-spread interconnectivity.

Internal Social Media:  The use of intranet capabilities allows specific employee access to departmental communications.  Corporate planning and organizational collaboration may take place with employees of varied locations who are involved in the same project.  The intranet saves the business valuable time and money by elimination of meetings and travel expenses.

External Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn are commonly used social media platforms for both business and personal activity.  Corporations that use outreach platforms communicate transparency of brand representation.   When employees are versed in proper social software communication, the business’ profile is promoted and can outshine competitors.

Professionally trained call center agents progress business operations by maintenance of communication sites and by responses to comments and inquiries with immediacy.  The virtual world continually changes and advances into an ever-evolving future.  The call center agent who is proficient in social media provides up-to-date communication skills to keep businesses interconnected for future survival.