Live Operators Disconnect Stress

How many times have you been frustrated by an endless loop of pre-recorded phone messages?  It is not always clear which option fits a particular personal need. Choosing “0” for operator assistance sometimes re-directs the call back to the main menu.

Time is wasted and blood pressure rises as you cycle around into the seemingly endless list of automated options.  You’re back where you started and are no closer to getting anywhere.



Live call-center operators deliver satisfaction by quick human contact.

  • No more wondering if a recorded message is left on the correct extension.
  • No more waiting for that initial returned call for a personal connection.
  • The professionally trained operator acts as a safety net to prevent miscommunication, frustration, and lost time.


Dependability of call centers rests upon trained professionals. Operators are educated to understand the services of every business they represent to manage client concerns. They extend immediate attentiveness with courtesy, business transparency, and solution. Each call is handled with importance to provide effective and reliable 24/7 customer service. Gone are the days of communication restricted to the confines of specific business hours.

The advent of new technology continually improves customer-to-business communication. A streamline of information exchanges begin with the customer’s received call.  Essential information extracted by the skilled call-center operator is quickly sent to the appropriate location using the best-suited technology. Subsequent action then becomes executed with appropriate timeliness. For example, call-center operators are able to immediately transmit to a medical provider’s cell phone.  The sent message of a patient’s emergent condition alleviates stress of the patient, family, and loved ones who know a call for help is answered.

Customer relations are strengthened by reliability when the customer is never left unattended. The prudent proprietor makes sure that business never sleeps, and a call is never missed. While the office is bustling with activity, appointments are still scheduled or changed by the operator who picks up over-flow or after-hour calls.  Live operators promote assurance for both the business provider and the customer by their proficient on-going support. Call-center representatives handle matters immediately and relieve stress fast!