How Much Is an Answering Service?

How Much Is an Answering Service?Has your business ever lost a customer because you didn’t respond to them quickly enough? Do you ever wonder if you’re losing business because you’re missing calls that come in after business hours? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then you might want to consider partnering with an experienced answering service. If you’re concerned about the expense, you’d probably be surprised by how affordable an answering service can be. In fact, you’d save money by choosing a call center instead of paying a full-time receptionist.

How Do Answering Services Charge?

Though options may vary, many reliable answering services charge a base rate per billing period that includes a set number of service minutes. If your business exceeds those minutes, you’re billed a minimal rate per additional minute. In many cases, the base rates are only a few hundred dollars per billing period, which is much more manageable of an expense than hiring, training, and providing benefits for an employee.

Look to Answer Excellence

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