Internet Answering Services – Bridging the Gaps

Internet answering services can provide interim solutions in all sorts of scenarios.

While most of our clients seek more permanent resolutions for everything from live telephone answering services to on-call scheduling, there are times when the need is more temporary in nature.


Call Answering Services – Reliably Seamless
Transparency for example, is essential in the case of company mergers or division spin-offs. While these changes may signify an internal restructuring that doesn’t alter the way your company does business, call answering services help maintain that “front” to the outside world.

Routing calls and keeping information flowing is key to maintaining a consistent face to your client base during transitional periods. Through a mix of online technologies and proprietary software your workforce won’t miss a beat.

Our operators and professional resources can support any Internet answering services virtually:

1. Enter orders directly into your web-based system or look up information for customer service functions.
2. Maintain on-line calendars for appointment scheduling for ease of sharing between diverse staffs.
3. Capture and enter leads directly into web-based Customer Relations Management (CRM) applications.
4. Monitor equipment alerts and dispatch service technicians.

Stepping it Up to the Next Level of Integration

By designing applications to communicate directly with each other, you’ll achieve even more advanced functionality:

5. Answer Excellence provides our Consult Manager™ service, which integrates with hospital information systems to relay orders for doctor consultations. Through the use of encryption software (including Virtual Private Network (VPN) and TLS/SSL secure web technologies), we create a secure and reliable exchange of confidential information.

Square pegs and round holes don’t work – it is customized integration that makes things fit. We believe a synthesis of commercial applications and custom technologies combined with your company’s culture and operational needs produces optimum temporary and/or permanent solutions.