Internet Answering Services: Answers at All Hours

Internet Answering Services are a staple in the medical industry; their patients have time sensitive needs. But on call answering services are no longer just a means to provide critical care in emergencies; no one wants to wait for anything anymore.

Service providers of heating and air conditioning and plumbing need to be ever-accessible to edge out the competition. By offering emergency services they have an opportunity to be available whenever a pipe leaks or a compressor fails in a heat wave. They also have the opportunity to charge a premium rate for that late night dispatch and the chance to earn a new client’s trust.


The Challenges of Better Quality Service
Along with this emergency service however, comes the need to manage it. When a plumbing company advertises that technicians are available 24/7, they’ll get a lot of calls inquiring about everything from rates to an assessment of the problem. Sometimes money is no object and the only question is “how fast can you get here?” and sometimes the potential client wants more in-depth information and has a list of questions that range from rates to references. While those calls may very well result in a job, they can be a time waster and not the most welcome call at three in the morning.

Telephone Answering Services: Just the Facts Please
Collecting customer detail such as the location of the problem, the credit card information and the nature of the complaint is also a time consuming process; especially if your on-call technician is asleep!

We’ll automatically dispatch the trouble call in keeping with your coverage schedule and provide a completed work ticket with all the detail so you or your plumber can just grab the tools and go! Our operators are up all night so you don’t have to be.