Our Call Center: It’s All About the Children

Our award-winning call center in Clearwater has assisted hospitals, surgeons, and law practices make huge strides in their ability to support their patients and clients.

But we are also fortunate to assist in other altruistic pursuits. Twenty years ago, UPS employee Ernie Coney became one of the founding members of the Friends of the James Weldon Johnson Library. He has since won many accolades for his community service including the President’s Volunteer Service Award in April of 2010 and the James E. Casey Community Service Award from UPS in February 2010 in support of the library’s literacy program.

Ernie came to Answer Excellence when The Friends of the James Weldon Johnson Library needed professional call answering assistance. The library’s remedial reading project required a way to connect the project volunteers and the parents of the children being tutored.

We are fortunate to have received many client testimonials over the years, but when Ernie told us that Answer Excellence was the perfect conduit because of our warm and welcoming call center agents, we assembled our resources and handled the specifics of his custom call center application.

As Ernie and the Friends of the James Weldon Johnson Library continue to work tirelessly in these efforts and to cultivate interest in the library, we continue to proudly stand in support of everything they are doing for these children.