Keeping Your Clients is Up to You

Out of sight, out of mind? It’s just as true for businesses as it is for anything else.

When you are not working with your clients, they are not thinking of you nearly as often as you hope they are.

Plumber’s Answering Service

For example, just because you were the trusted plumbing company that fixed the leak under the sink this month, doesn’t mean you will be top of mind next month.

How can you get your clients to keep being your clients? You have to stay on their mind. Not only will this ensure they remain your clients, it may get you some referral business – especially if they can share that their plumber’s answering service will get a dispatch out in an emergency situation any time, day or night!

Here are some simple ways to remind your clients you are there for them:

  • Send a follow up email or postcard after your business transaction is complete. Let them know you appreciate their business and that if they need anything else you will be there for them.
  • Handle complaints quickly and effectively. When a client is dissatisfied with how you handle the situation it can determine whether or not they will ever work with you again.
  • Send out a press release to the media on something newsworthy. For example, when bed bugs were in the news, cleaning companies were popping up all over as experts in getting rid of them. Think about how your business can help with an issue in the media and step up as an expert.
  • Sponsor events for charity. Not only is this a tax write off, but it will leave a warm fuzzy feeling in the heart.
  • Use social media! Get on Facebook or Twitter and connect. Post articles you find in the news or helpful tips that may be beneficial to your clients.
  • Send a “thinking of you” gift. Something as simple as an email or postcard with a percentage off your normal prices in their birthday month shows you care.


You don’t have to spend a great deal of your marketing dollars to remind clients you are open for business, but be assured that not being on their minds when they need you will cost you their business.