How to Market Your Service

A Real Estate Answering Service is the KeyThink of the last time you bought a product. You could do one of three things: go online, go to a store or you could go to a trade show/product demonstration.

Now think of the last time you needed to hire someone for a service. Whether it was hiring a real estate answering service or just choosing someone to give your car a tune up, you had to: get referrals, research the company, compare prices, etc. Basically, it’s just not as easy as comparing products.

Because it’s not as easy to buy a service as it is to buy a product, many service-based business owners find that marketing their company is difficult. However, with the right plan, you can market your service just as easily as a product. It comes down to consistent branding for recognition and the actual support to keep up appearances and provide stellar customer service.

Once the decisions about logo design, collateral materials and a target audience are defined, now comes the challenging part – what tasks do you delegate, which ones remain in house?

Real estate call centers are valuable to capture clients from multiple time zones.

Just because the clock strikes five in Clearwater doesn’t mean a San Francisco buyer wants to reach a voice mail as they plan their home-seeking trip to Florida.

While it’s a great problem to have that once your marketing efforts get noticed and all the strategizing pays off, what happens when no one can answer the phone because all your agents are out showing properties? (And you know that’s always when that cash buyer calls!) But you can be there when they are when you have a Tampa call center behind you. Cell phones may have revolutionized the real estate business; but they are simply not enough.

The more creative you can be in your marketing and in your ability to literally support that client base, the more room you’ll have to expand and actually, the more you’ll enjoy your business. Stress can really take the fun out of the game – and that’s when it becomes work.