Should I Hire an Answering Service?

Should I Hire an Answering Service? Are you wondering if your business could benefit from hiring an answering service? Unless you never miss any calls or emails from potential customers, then the answering is most likely “yes.” In today’s ultra-competitive business world, being available whenever customers need you could have a significant impact on the amount of business your company brings in. In fact, it’s estimated that 80% of callers hang up and move onto the next option when they reach a voicemail.

The Cost of a Missed Call

If you’re concerned about the expense of an answering service—which probably is much less than you think—consider the revenue you lose every time you miss a call from a potential client. An HVAC company, for example, misses an earning opportunity every time a customer having heating or cooling issues fails to reach a human. This could equal hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost revenue. For a law firm that bills $200 an hour, the potential missed profits are even greater.

Choose Answer Excellence—We’re More Affordable Than You Think

Answer Excellence is a trusted leader in the answering service industry. Our experienced team has been providing turnkey call center services since 1986, and we’re proud to be a perennial winner of the Association of Teleservices International Award of Excellence. Your company can receive our award-winning services for a few hundred dollars per billing cycle—a huge savings when compared to the expense of employing a full-time receptionist. And, when you partner with us, you can enjoy 24-hour coverage so no potential business slips through the cracks.

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