Social Media Damage Control

In a world that hinges on technology, social media allows people to stay connected to each other, have information at their fingertips, and impact the world around them. While businesses use social media in a different way than individuals, it is still just as important to their customers’ overall satisfaction.

The role of social media in business

Social media started as a way for friends to connect with each other. As it grew, businesses began using social media as a way to connect with customers and prospects, perpetuate brand identity, and share valuable information. Product announcements, customer awards and news, and content marketing show up on customers’ feeds, keeping your business top of mind.

Because of the instant connection social media creates with customers, you can foster your business relationships better than is possible with other means of communication. When customers ask questions or have comments and concerns, you can respond right away on Facebook or Twitter. Customers can see you are paying attention to what they have to say, and that you want to have a conversation with them. Customers will remember that you wanted to connect with them.

Social media as a damage control tool

Social media is also a way to handle negative customer experiences and keep bad incidents from impacting your business and customer relationships. One key factor in battling negative customer experiences is reacting immediately. Social media supports that efficient turnaround.

Customers may use social media to express their discontent. You can use it to respond to negative comments right away, showing your customers you are listening, and that you care about their experiences. According to the article “Social Media Control Damage in Call Centers” by Francis Rey Balolong, customers who get follow-up through social media had an overall satisfaction rate almost twenty percent higher than those who did not receive that same follow-up.

You can also use social media to follow up after a customer’s bad experience to make sure they’re still happy about your business relationship, or if there’s something else you need to do to repair the relationships. By utilizing social media, your business can stay ahead of a negative customer experience, and use it to repair and strengthen customer relationships.