Educated Call Center Operators

call centersAnswer Excellence is dedicated to exceptional customer service. Our call center operators are trained to answer clients’ needs within a virtual framework for optimum results.





  • They access integrated customer-related information collected from internal and external data bases to create a broad customer profile.
  • Intensive training on each client account ensures an easy familiarity with the company culture and detail.
  • When you add high-speed technology to the mix, call center operators provide fast access to useful information that powers personalized customer service.
  • Call center operators view customers’ past purchases, product recommendations, inquiries, and other customer information that includes personal notes in order to create a complete and individual profile.
  • Operators also monitor customer comments on sites such as Facebook and use the information to support the direction of communication.


The bottom line is that consistently maintained customer data and its instant availability allows call center agents to tailor calls according to specifics of each customer.

Communication between the educated call center operator and callers has evolved to become more of a personalized exchange of information that is both fluid and constructive.

The caller gains service specific to his or her needs while the operator has conversational leverage through existing account and external information.  This compilation of continually updated information promotes valuable service.  Communication based directly on accurate and current information sets a seamless standard of care, professionalism, and service that Answer Excellence call center operators are trained to provide.

Companies that constructively make use of customer data can provide superior customer assistance; assistance commensurate with today’s progressive business standards. Operators at Answer Excellence are trained to perform complete profile integration for effective customer service during every call.

The greatest asset for superior customer service is customer information and operator education. This steadfast proficiency is time-saving for the caller, the operator, and for the businesses we support. The educated operator’s use of conversational continuity derived by personal information ensures effectiveness and a fast turn-around call time.  At Answer Excellence, we take pride in our front-line operators who consider themselves the face of our client businesses. It is how they are able to truly answer with excellence.