Telephone Answering Services: Keeping Up with Technology

As on call answering services go, a good deal of this service category’s success is found in its flexibility. We’ve kept our call answering services relevant by serving them up on platforms that support the real world. And that real world never stops spinning…

Answering Services That Answer Back
Although we provide Internet answering services to any industry or business owner in need, our first clients were in the medical field. Urgent care and time sensitive situations ruled long before smart phones provided instantaneous two-way communication. In those days you sent out a page and the doctor bolted for the nearest phone.

Call Answering Services on the Go
Today, mobility drives the requirement for flawless bilateral accessibility: answering services companies are no longer in the message taking business; we’re high tech communicators in the cloud. Because of the velocity with which the technology changes, companies in the call answering business can’t always just pick a product from the shelf, dust it off and make it fit the client.

Much like social media helps to shape decisions companies make; the contemporary answering service company gives the reigns to its clients. “What do you need?” is the first order of business – then the technology/service/application is designed to suit. Customize to communicate – the client is at the helm more so than ever before.

Message Delivery
Our clients decide how they’re informed and what methods suit their operation; down to specific individuals in it. Multi-layered and robust communications structures are essential to modern support offerings. And if secure messaging is mandated then we comply with those information security and confidentiality concerns; especially with regard to HIPAA / HITECH regulations.

When you drive the communication that steers a company, you need to know how to take direction from your client, follow the rules of their road and swiftly get them from Point A to Point B.