What Are the Advantages of Using a Phone Overflow Service?

What Are the Advantages of Using a Phone Overflow Service?

When business is going well and your phones are ringing off the hook, the last thing your company wants is for sales opportunities to be missed because all your customer service representatives were already speaking with customers when a call came in. However, with a phone overflow service standing by, you’ll have experienced operators at the ready to deliver the level of service your customers deserve. A perfect option during peak call times, a busy phone overflow service can fill in the gaps for your staff, following your company protocols to route potential customers as needed. This type of answering service can provide a variety of advantages for your company, including:

Higher Earnings

As much as 80% of callers don’t like to leave messages when they get an automated answering message, so having a phone overflow service available during busy call times can greatly increase the percentage of calls that turn into sales. Customers want to be treated like they’re special, and well-trained call center operators can deliver the specialized attention they crave.


In addition to providing busy phone overflow services, an answering service can go above and beyond basic customer support. Well-trained call centers can also help with payment processing, event registration, appointment booking, call routing, email monitoring, secure messaging, and much more.

An Improved Reputation

When customers feel like they always receive timely attention from your company, they’re more likely to express their positive opinions through online reviews.

Answer Excellence

Founded in 1986, Answer Excellence provides phone overflow services and other professional answering services to companies throughout the U.S. Our operators are trained extensively and undergo bi-monthly assessments to ensure that they are meeting the high standards our customers expect. If you’d like to learn more about the services we can provide for your company, contact us today.