Why is Responding Quickly to Customers Important?

Why is Responding Quickly to Customers Important?

With the rapid pace of today’s business world, not responding to a customer inquiry quickly enough can easily be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. In fact, if a customer calls a business and is directed to a voicemail, studies have shown that there’s an 80% chance they will take their business elsewhere. Needless, to say, your business can benefit from partnering with an experienced answering service to interact with potential customers after regular business hours or during times of high call volume. If you’re worried about the expense, consider that employing a single receptionist for a year is more expensive than partnering with an answering service.

What Types of Assistance Can an Answering Service Provide?

If you choose an experienced company that offers comprehensive services, your options will likely include:

  • A live telephone answering service to greet customers and filter calls
  • Order entry, so you never miss a sale
  • Around-the-clock email monitoring to ensure time-sensitive requests are handled properly
  • Busy phone overflow coverage during your most active times
  • Appointment scheduling, to help reduce your staff’s workload
  • Secure messaging to ensure your client interactions are kept confidential

Answer Excellence Offers Reliable Service

Since 1986, Answer Excellence has been providing comprehensive call center services to businesses throughout the U.S. Our customer service representatives are highly trained and always professional, and our commitment to providing outstanding client services has helped us become a perennial winner of the Association of Teleservices International Award of Excellence.

Could your company benefit from the assistance of an experienced answering service? Contact Answer Excellence today to learn more about what we offer.