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When it comes to what sets Answer Excellence apart from other call center companies, our name says it all.  Since our founding in 1986, we have been 100 percent dedicated to pursuing excellence in everything we undertake. To us, excellence means always striving to think of new and innovative ways to further streamline our customers’ communication services. From customizing easy-to-use automated messages that greet callers with a concise list of options to providing our customers with a team of operators that answer calls 24/7, we never use a one-size-fits-all model to solve communication problems.call center companies
For the past eight years and counting, Answer Excellence has been awarded the prestigious Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) Award of Excellence. This award is given to call center companies that demonstrate the highest levels of proficiency in a number of important answering service criteria. Some of the criteria which we scored incredibly high marks on include:

  • Accuracy of answer phrase
  • Knowledge
  • Manners
  • Grammar
  • Operator guidance
  • Spelling of names
  • Verification of telephone numbers
  • And more

These answering service criteria translate to a wide range of industries, meaning we can provide our mission-critical solutions to hospitals, doctors and groups, hospitalists, attorneys, real estate agents, HVAC companies, and many other markets. So, no matter your specific industry, Answer Excellence can be counted on to customize an answering service that will perfectly suit your needs.
If you would like to learn more about what sets Answer Excellence apart from other call center companies in Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and all other cities nationwide, please call or e-mail us today.

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