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If consultation orders are a significant part of your practice, we don’t need to tell you how their proper handling is of utmost importance. Especially as hospitals implement performance metrics and level-of-service expectations, these orders must be communicated quickly and reliably, and carried out with certainty in the appropriate timeframe.
With Consult ManagerTM, orders are managed to a level previously unknown. Reports and performance measurements allow a high level of quality control. This avoids the risk of missed orders – imperative in cases where a doctor’s agreement with the hospital includes specific service level targets.
Answer Excellence’s Consult ManagerTM service is ideally suited to practices and doctors who provide consulting services to hospitals and clinics. It goes way beyond standard message delivery, and adds a new level of sophistication with guaranteed delivery of orders and complete tracking of the patient visit. Never again will a lost text message result in a missed patient visit.
Escalation and reminders of orders that are nearing a past-due status gives adequate time to deal with the situation before it results in a missed visit. As hospitals focus on patient overstay as a cost and quality control issue, timely visits are paramount. We can follow any escalation protocol you choose, ranging from a polite reminder message via an alternate method of delivery, up through a controlled hand-off to an on-call doctor.
Answer Excellence Team MembersWith over 20 years of experience, a staff that knows your environment, and a track record of satisfied consult customers, Answer Excellence is ready to solve your problems and give you peace of mind daily. This case study of a group of psychiatrists illustrates how Consult ManagerTM helps them in a number of ways.
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